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2010 Science Fiction & Fantasy Short Film Festival

Packed house tonight at the Cinerama for the Fifth annual Science Fiction & Fantasy Short Film Festival, courtesy of EMP|SFM and SIFF. The Internet being what it is, a sizable number of the shorts are already available online for those who couldn't be there but are curious. I've tried to list all the ones I could find below - please let me know if you've managed to find any I missed. [EDIT Feb 3 - added Vimeo link for Hanger No. 5]

Session 1

  • Alma - Animated piece about a girl and a mysterious doll shop.
  • Beast of Burden [trailer only] Comedy about the monsters under the bed; reportedly, the kid who stars came up with much of the story originally
  • Charlie Thistle - The Norm is Good. Join the Department of Normality. Won over both the jury and audience
  • The Control Master - Animated superhero parody, using Veer CSA images, Previously seen as part of the SIFF shorts programs.
  • Die Schneider Krankheit - Retro 50s-style riff on the Andromeda Strain. Faint German dialog (ostensibly a German film) mostly-drowned out by Spanish overdub ('cause it's really Spanish) with English subtitles - your correspondent just squeaks out "Kernel Panic: Broca Region Fault" and falls over
  • Extra•Ordinary - Two kids find their friendship strained when one turns out to have a super power
  • The Kirkie - Everything I need to know about bar fights, I learned from James T. Kirk. Suitably amusing contribution to the festival's annual SF Fanboy comedy niche; helps greatly if you actually are in the San Diego ComicCon demographic.
  • S.S. Humanity - A family struggles with whether to abandon Earth on the last shuttle out
  • Shuttle T-42 - animated short about a mother and son in a crashed shuttle
  • To the Moon - very fanciful animation about a British explorer flying a balloon to the moon
Session 2
  • Afterglow [trailer only] An alien invasion may not be as over as we had thoguht
  • Arthur's Lore [In the spinning menu] Humorous piece about a contemporary lad named Arthur (and his appropriately-cleverly-named mates) assuming the ancient mantle of Arthur Pendragon. Screams "BBC, buy me out and make a series to run next to 'Being Human'" but a fun lark
  • Burden [trailer only] One man - well, sort of - knows the invasion is coming. Also screams demo reel for a larger work, but not quite as self-contained as Lore.
  • CC 2010 - CC, seemingly channeling the Bride in Kill Bill, sets out with the help of an angelic milkman to close the loop with her late parents and the place they met - a ride at the Seattle World's Fair, now the Seattle Science Center. Local filmmaker, also ran as part of SIFF.
  • Elder Sign - If you suffer from an overwhelming sense of dread, brought on by the realization of your own insignificance in the universe, then you could be at risk of exposure to… flying polyps.
  • Hands Off - The perils of the internet; and you thought the angels were hostile in "Legion". Definite crowd pleasing comedy. Worth seeing if you can find it. A "Tiny Penguin Films" production
  • Hanger No. 5 [donation requested but not required] and at Vimeo - Two teens poke their nose into the wrong Secret Government Hanger™
  • Nanosporin AI - Wild, psychedelic animation. Probably best viewed on the big screen, for maximum face meltage.
  • Singularity - Eccentric scientist struggles with his android. I know the feeling; my desktop at work treats me much the same way.
  • Third Days Child - Local filmmaker SJ Chiro's SF debut, also a SIFF veteran. Rumor is that it may have distribution soon.
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